Mutual Funds-Asset Classes

Mutual Funds
Bahrain Bourse adopts simple listing requirements for mutual funds interested in listing, which positions Bahrain as a  safe haven to a thriving mutual funds industry. Listing requirements do not exceed obtaining appropriate approvals from Central Bank of Bahrain and submission of the fund's key documentation.

Mutual Fund Name Symbol
SICO Selected Securities (SSS) SICO
Global Distressed Fund GLBL.DSF
Global Energy, Petrochemical and Downstream Industries Fund GLBL.EPDIF
Global GCC Islamic Fund GLBL.GIF
Global GCC Large Cap Fund GLBL.LCF
Global GCC Real Estate Fund GLBL.GREF
Global Islamic Fund of Funds GLBL.IF
Global Opportunistic Fund GLBL.OF
Khaleej Equity Fund KLJ.EQ.FUND
Makaseb Arab Tigers Fund MAKASEB.AT
Makaseb Income Fund MAKASEB.IF
Markaz Arabian Fund MGF
NBK Gulf Equity Fund NBK.GE.F
NBK Qatar Equity Fund NBK.QE.F
SICO Fixed Income Fund SICO.FIF
SICO Gulf Equity Fund SICO.GEF
SICO Kingdom Equity Fund SICO.KEF
The Zenith Fund GLBL.TZF
Unit Investment Bank UNITINVEST