Sukuk & Bonds - Asset Classes

Bonds & Sukuk

With Bahrain being positioned as the pre-eminent marketplace for Sukuk, Bahrain Bourse offers investors with a unique opportunity of investing in tradable Sukuk, the first of its kind across the region.

Bond/Sukuk Issuer Symbol
Government Development Bond - 2019 GDEV.BND19
Government Development Bond - 2017 GEDV.BND17
 Sukuk Al Musharaka (Investment DAR Sukuk Co.) - 2010 MUSH.SK06
 Government Islamic Leasing Securities GILS19.2017
 Government Islamic Lease (Ijarah) Sukuk - Issue 22 GILS22.SUK
 Government Islamic Lease (Ijarah) Sukuk - Issue 21 GILS21.SUK
 Government Islamic Lease (Ijarah) Sukuk - Issue 23 GILS23.SUK
 Government Development Bond - Issue 10 GDEV10.BND 
 Government Development Bond - Issue 9  GDEV9.BND 
 Perpetual Tier "1" Convertible Capital Securities Issued by BBK.BSC BBK.BND
 Government Development Bond - Issue No. 11 GDEV11.BND
  Government Development Bond - Issue No. 12 GDEV12.BND